The Gary Null Show Clips 2.1.24

JUST IN: Applause Breaks Out When Lindsey Graham Excoriates Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg To His Face (5:40) “Abhorrent!” Another Epic Senate Clash Between Rand Paul And Dr. Fauci! (:13-5:09) It May be Genocide, But it Won’t Be Stopped – Read by Eunice Wong (16:07) Rep. Chip Roy says what we’re all saying Out Loud… (2:46) Millions Injured or Dead Including Public Figures (1:37-14:19 USED IN H&H)

The Gary Null Show Notes 1.31.24

HEALTH NEWS Tomato juice’s antimicrobial properties can kill salmonella Up to three daily servings of kimchi may lower men’s obesity risk Switching to vegan or ketogenic diet rapidly impacts immune system, study shows Scientists identify how fasting may protect against inflammation Vitamin C Boosts the Reprogramming of Adult Cells Into Stem Cells 33% Increased Dementia Risk for Long Term Users …

The Gary Null Show 1.30.24

HEALTH NEWS Schisandra berries and astragalus root work in synergy to heal the liver – Study  Blueberries Treat Widespread IBS Safely Where Drugs Fail Revolutionary Trial Favors Exercise Over NSAIDs For Knee Arthritis Nighttime electronic device use lowers melatonin levels How a walk in nature restores attention Exposure To Toxic Metals Accelerates Aging Of Women’s Ovaries, Study Warn

The Gary Null Show Notes 1.29.24

HEALTH NEWS When in Europe, search no further than black raspberries Study shows a drink before bed can cause reductions in REM sleep Supplement combo lowers Alzheimer’s disease risk Physical exercise boosts motor learning – and remembering what one has learned Study explains why protein-poor diet during pregnancy increases risk of prostate cancer in offspring Writing by hand may increase …

The Gary Null Show Clips 1.29.24

How the radical Left turned America’s cities into “slums” | Michael Shellenberger interview (10:00) “Most of them are Dead!” Ukraine’s military CAUGHT hiding the truth about dead soldiers | Redacted (4:51) The Gaza Zeitgeist w/ Peter Joseph & Abby Martin (20:00-30:00) It May be Genocide, But it Won’t Be Stopped – Read by Eunice Wong (16:07)

The Gary Null Show Notes 1.25.24

HEALTH NEWS ·         Pine bark extract improves blood vessel health, heals psoriasis and hemorrhoids ·         Lime Juice Shines Light for Sickle Cell Patients ·         Multi-generational toxicant exposures show cumulative, inherited health effects ·         Stressing Over Money Literally Makes You Sick ·         More than half of US adults don’t know heart disease is leading cause of death, despite 100-year reign ·         Researchers add to evidence that common bacterial …