Go Harrison – 08.08.16

Will Allen, Director of Holy Hell, a documentary covering his life inside an eastern based spiritual cult, based on 22 years of his archival footage.
Will Allen starting making films in southern CA as a teenager. After earning his film degree from Southern Methodist University, in Texas, he ended up living inside a guru-based society for 22 years, where he continuously made films about the world in which he lived.


Why the current cultural fetish for zombies? In 2014’s Hooked, Nir Eyal ventures a guess: “Perhaps technology’s unstoppable progress—ever more pervasive and persuasive—has grabbed us in a fearful malaise at the thought of being involuntarily controlled.” We worry that we’ve become slaves to a tech-induced malady, argues Eyal, so we can relate to those ailing automatons on screen. Eyal may have a point. A recent study showed …

CORY DOCTOROW – Don’t work with assholes, says new research from Harvard Business School

In Toxic Workers , a new Harvard Business School working paper, Michael Housman and Dylan Minor look at the paradox of “superstar” workers who outperform their colleagues by 2:1 or more, but who are “toxic” — awful to work with and be around. The connection between toxicity and productivity has been validated in several studies, but the question that Housman and Minor …

Psychologist studies the emotional disconnect between our present and future selves

A UCLA social psychologist has found that we think of future selves as different people, which could explain why many of us don’t save enough for retirement. So Merrill Lynch, for one, has launched a web feature which “ages” your photo as you ponder how much to save. Credit: iStock A UCLA social psychologist has found that we think of …