Let’s Create A Better World – 04.30.18

LuAnne Pennesi, RN MS, gives a great up to date summary of many steps towards a healthy, holistic lifestyle. Luanne begins with her story of how she got started with Gary Null and her health career. Also, she gives several success stories from the very recent health  retreat that she corrdinates. A number of the people at the retreat had …

Leid Stories—Bernie’s All In; Election 2016: An ‘Outsider’ Sees the Big Picture—11.17.16

On May 18, as the contentious party primaries were winding down and first-time presidential candidate Bernie Sanders emerged as a real threat to the party-establishment-preferred Hillary Clinton, Sanders’ supporters boldly confronted the staid leadership of the Democratic Party for sabotaging his campaign.

Jean Saint-Vil – If this Haitian was superstitious like the Clintons

The other day, I saw a video excerpt of an October 2012 speech in which Bill Clinton was telling an audience in New-York how his wife, Hillary, possesses the extraordinary psychic ability to speak regularly with the dead, in particular, with the spirit of former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. * Today, some U.S. citizens who are still stunned by the election of Donald Trump may be seeking extra insights to …

Black Agenda Radio – 11.14.16

Coming up: An analysis of Donald Trump’s victory – What does it mean for the fortunes of the Black Misleadership Class?; Is this the last chance for TPP, President Obama’s corporate rights trade bill?; and, the Black is Back Coalition holds a national conference on Self-Determination.

The Gary Null Show – 11.11.16

Today On The Gary Null Show Gary opens up with the latest in health and healing, discussing a new study on Vitamin D, how accupuncture is better than morphine for pain. In the enviorment part of the program Gary cover the topic of climate change, In the last half of the show Gary Null goes into a commentary on Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the democratic establishment.

Cornel West – Spiritual Blackout in America: Election 2016

he most frightening feature of the civic melancholia in present-day America is the relative collapse of integrity, honesty, and decency — an undeniable spiritual blackout of grand proportions. The sad spectacle of the presidential election is no surprise. Rather, the neofascist catastrophe called Donald Trump and the neoliberal disaster named Hillary Clinton are predictable symbols of our spiritual blackout. Trump …

Economic Update – “Puerto Rico’s Crisis is Systemic” – 09.04.16

“US income inequality vs rest of world, Europe exposes Apple Corp’s tax evasion; TTP and TTIP face rising opposition; even Martin Wolf sees capitalism’s contradiction with democracy. Interview with Prof Ian Seda on Puerto Rico’s economic/colonial crisis.” Download this episode (right click and save)

Graham Readfearn – Americans Now More Politically Polarized On Climate Change Than Ever Before, Analysis Finds

American voters and politicians are now more polarized than ever before across all aspects of climate change  — from the cause, to the science and the impacts — a major new analysis has found. Campaigns funded by vested fossil fuel interests and pushed by a network of ideological think tanks, many linked to the oil billionaire Koch brothers, have helped to widen the gap, pushing …

Solartopia Green Power and Wellness Hour – 08.25.16

THE INSANE NY NUKE BAILOUT headlines in Solartopia today as TIM JUDSON of the NUCLEAR INFORMATION & RESOURCE SERVICE joins MANNA JO GREENE of CLEARWATER and KEVIN KAMPS of BEYOND NUCLEAR to discuss the $7-11 billion potential handout to keep four dangerously decrepit nuke reactors on line in the Empire State. Because they are obsolete and uncompetitive, the Ginna, Fitzpatrick, …