LOA Today – 07.28.16

Desperate to make the Law of Attraction work for you? That’s what’s holding you back. An attitude of desperation only insures that what you want won’t happen. Instead, all you’ll get back is more reasons to feel desperate. But overcoming feelings of desperation is easier said that done, particularly if you have real reason to be desperate. That’s why this …

Let’s Create A Better World – 11.21.15

Dr. Loraine Day discusses her experience in getting cancer, becoming aware of cancer, and overcoming cancer on her own. Host Bobby Elias and co-host Stefan Rudolph discuss with her the power we have to prevent dis-ease in our life and the 10 steps of what it takes to get well. These steps include exercise, fitness and water and how important it is to fuel our Self with enough water for our body and our brain. Also the importance of Sunshine, vitamins, sleep and more and how we have to be aware of what we are putting into our system and the side effects and repercussions the wrong “fuel” can and will have on us and what we can do in order to overcome dis-ease and obstacles in life. Dr. Day’s book “I will give you back your health again” is reviewed, along with her other work and what she’s done over the years to help others grow in health, vitality and wellness. Join us for a great show today on “Let’s Create a Better World!”