Trends This Week – Trends and Consequences in all this War Talk – 12.16.15

Global forecaster Gerald Celente is mad as hell. The last segment of the Presidential Reality Show in 2016, the CNN debate with GOP hopefuls on December 15, was a cesspool of senseless war mongering. Not a peep for peace. Not a hint of talk about what created this cycle of endless war; only how to increase the death count and improve the precision in which the United States and its coalition of the willing fan the flames of the War on Terror. No one is looking back at the steps taken by the gutless, mindless leaders who launched this war in the first place. Instead, cloaked in crowd-rousing bravado, the Presidential Reality Show contestants promise to take the same path. Elsewhere in this show, Celente provides more details about his exciting “Prepare for 2016” retreat in Naples, Florida with Gary Null, and offers insights into the Fed’s pending interest rate hike.

Trends This Week – Top 10 Trends for 2016! – 12.09.15

Ten critical, fast-emerging trends will affect your quality of life and bottom line in 2016… In this segment of Trends This Week, global forecaster Gerald Celente unveils his Trends Research Institute’s forecast for the year ahead. Looking back back on 2015, with neither economic nor geopolitical fronts looking prosperous or peaceful, the aware and awake are preparing for the year ahead – especially in the new age of equity-market volatility and growing War on Terror fears. But while the concerns are real, a future of gloom and doom does not have to define 2016. There are opportunities in 2016 that, if seized, embraced and manifested with an eye on the future, and an open mind and a warm heart, one can reap great financial rewards, positive social change and personal satisfaction. The full forecast can be found at

Trends This Week – Economic hard trend lines & an invigorating trends retreat – 12.02.15

Gerald Celente forecasts: When the final numbers are tabulated, overall holiday sales will trend lower for 2015 and the overall retail sector will grow weaker in 2016. Indeed, beyond the holiday season, from luxury brands, to mid-range and low-end product sales, there is a slow and steady slump across all retail sectors throughout most of the developed and emerging markets. In the United States, for example, where consumer spending accounts for some 70 percent of the nation’s GDP, the downbeat reports from retailers throughout the year are clear trends of tepid growth followed by steady decline. With the labor force participation rate at 38-year lows, median household income below 1999 levels, medical costs are rising along with property and school taxes far faster than wages. And with some 51 percent of working Americans earning under $30,000 a year, there will be less discretionary income for non-essential retail products. Celente also breaks down the reasons why the price of gold is tanking and what the future holds for it. Elsewhere in the show he’s joined by a special guest to provide details and testimonials on the upcoming “Prepare for 2016” trends and well being retreat in Naples, Florida, January 10-16.

Trends This Week – Look at who’s leading us to war – 11.25.15

Global master forecaster Gerald Celente rips into the gutless, mindless leaders who – over and over – take us to war. The signs are everywhere now: The potential triggers for World War III are pervasive and growing. Instead of taking a bold and honest look at the root causes of war and terrorism, your leaders pound the drums for war even harder and more recklessly. Worse yet, there is no indication, not one, that this march to war has any counter voice worth its weight. Later in this show, Celente talks about the Trends Research Institute’s Top Trends for 2016, which will be released soon, and his upcoming Florida retreat, “Prepare for 2016.”

Trends This Week – Face the Truth or Face World War III – 11.18.15

Global forecaster Gerald Celente, in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, calls out the mainstream media, political leaders, so-called military experts and candidates in the Presidential Reality Show for failing to see the reasons why terrorism flourishes. Immediately following the Paris attacks, the airwaves were filled with screams for revenge and a doubling down on the fight against “evildoers.” So debased from reality has it become that the crowd at last week’s Presidential Reality Show debate cheered when GOP contender Marco Rubio declared that terrorists “hate us because our girls go to school. They hate us because women drive in the United States.” How ridiculous! Stop invading and destroying other countries. …Later, Celente offers highlights from his heralded Trends Journal, which published this week with contributions from natural healing icon Gary Null, geopolitical powerhouse Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, renowned economist Nomi Prins and many others. And Gary Null joins him on this broadcast to talk geopolitics and a very special upcoming trends and well being retreat in Florida this coming January, “Prepare for 2016.”

Trends This Week – Celente on the latest GOP debate and his Trends 2016 retreat – 11.11.15

On Trends This Week, Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal and Founder/Director of the Trends Research Institute discussed the international growing consensus to support his forecast of a coming global recession, including that of the OECD. He reviewed Tuesday’s Fox News sponsored GOP debate pointing out moderators asked questions based on misinformation, how the majority of the candidates support more war and how the debates themselves are a made-for-TV game show that lack real substance.
Luanne Pennesi, RN MS joined Celente to talk about the upcoming “Prepare for 2016” Trends retreat, January 10-16 with Celente and invited guests in Naples, Florida.