Economic Update – Economic Decline and Growing Resistance – 03.08.15

Updates on taxis vs Uber vs driver coops, an apology on Detroit, International Womens Day, and cutting workers’ compensation. Response to listeners on the economics of debts, past and present. Major discussions of (1) resisting economic decline: Minnesota governor, Emma Thompson and Pope Francis, (2) Wisconsin governor presides over economic decline, and (3) extremes of economic inequality.   Download this …

Expat Files – 03.08.15

-The strange relationship between dogs and coconuts   -Cockroach, “La Cucaracha” home invasions revisited. A new, expat gringa’s cautionary tale of her personal arthropodic woes   -Meanwhile one of our Expat Wisdom seminar alumni explains the new e-book he has written regarding his extensive “boots on the ground” experience and investigation of Spanish schools, Spanish tutors and Immersion families. Looks …

A Bowl of Soul – Super Sisters of Soul – 03-06-2015

The Show Is Over – Evelyn Champagne King – R&B – 1977
Inner City Bluyes – Sarah Vaughn – Jazz – 1971
He Holds His Own – The Supremes – R&B – 1966
Such A Fool – The Fascinations – R&B – 1967
Honey Bee – Gloria Gaynor – Disco/R&B – 1974
Dance Turned Into A Romance – The Jones Girls – R&B – 1980
I’m Thinking Of You – Sister Sledge – R&B – 1979
Never No More – Aaliyah – R&B – 2001
Let’s Rock – Chrisette Michelle – R&B – 2007
Message To Michael – Dionne Warwick- Pop/R&B – 1966
What We Gone Do – Conya Doss – R&B – 2010

The Vinyl Experience – For Leonard Nimoy – 03.06.15

Today On the VE: remembering the man behind an iconic character. Leonard Nimoy lived long and prospered. The TV icon died last week, and heartfelt tributes from all generations poured in…In Leonard’s long and varied career he made a few records … from the 1968 Dot records album Two Sides Of Leonard Nimoy, recitations in the character of Mr. Spock were sandwiched between Leonard’s baritone warbling of contemporary pop hits such as Gentle On My Mind and If I Were A Carpenter. Some years later, GNP Crescendo released orignal soundtrack recordings of music composed for the TV show by episode. Gerald Fried’s stirring score for the Star Trek season 2 opener, Amok Time, featured this haunting bass guitar melody which served as Spock’s theme, perfectly capturing the loneliness and conflict of the stoic character….

Leid Stories – 03.06.15

Mutually Assured Deception: Why Netanyahu’s Nuclear Arsenal Is Not Up for Debate in Congress 50 Years Later, Edmund Pettus Bridge Still Spans Two Americas, Separate and Unequal Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in effect delivered a warning to the United States in his diplomacy-wrecking speech before a joint session of Congress on Tuesday: End all talks with Iran on its nuclear …

Rumbling of War on the Horizon – 03.06.15

The emphasis today is on ‘War’. War is the theme of the Wake-Up Call for 2015 and we examine the background and possible prelude to the outbreak of such a war. We look at previous examples of war (Civil War, WW1 & 2) and find similarities in the lead-up to hostilities. Possible scenarios to look out for. The use of terrorism ( a straw man, if ever there was one) and fear-mongering by governments to pacify potential trouble-makers who oppose war. The pernicious effects of renewed subprime lending, already ramped up to levels not seen since the 2008 financial crisis.

Oil & Water, the Film & Round Table – 03.03.15

Tuesday, March 3, 3pm EST: This week’s featured film is Oil & Water, a story about an indigenous Ecuadorian from the Amazon Rain forest who comes to the U.S. at age 10 and is the first of his tribe to visit the U.S. And it’s about an American boy who becomes completely interested, intrigued with life in the Ecuadorian Rain …

The Gary Null Show – 03.06.15

With guest Daniel Estulin, addressing the topic: what is the global elite’s real agenda in allowing economic, social, and political chaos to reign?

Also: The latest on health and healing – a vegetarian diet and/or mediterranean diet cuts heart disease risk by 50 percent, olive oil could be important for helping with cancer, turmeric can help you with stroke, and oxygen may improve tumor-fighting cells, and better mid-life fitness slows your brain’s aging. A short newsmaker segment with Mitchell Cohen on the dangers of allowing genetically engineered trees. And more!

Can you outsmart your bad habits? – Energy Stew interview with Karen Koenig – 03.06.15

We all have certain habits that we know we’ve got to kick. What life skills can help us overcome them?
It’s always best to stay on top of our lives and be sure to make the most out of them. There are many bad habits that can sabotage our productiveness and even our health.

Probably one of the most common is how we eat. Certainly over-drinking and smoking are self-destructive. There are many absorbing computer games and maybe we just get lost on the web and surf ourselves into oblivion.

Karen Koenig can help us get a hold of ourselves and make better choices. Her latest book, “Outsmarting Overeating” is loaded with opportunities to readjust our lives and be happier for it.

Expat Files – 03.06.15

-Some words about the recent hacking issues at PRN and the mega-spam issues at my website   -How does the Latin news media report first-world breaking news events?  Do they have their own roving reporters on the spot in Cleveland and Atlanta out to get the Latin angle? Not likely. Yes, there are Latin foreign correspondents in the states …